Mission & Philosophy

picture of white orchidWhen first joining my father in practice, in 1983, my goal was to practice clinical dentistry that met or exceeded contemporary dental standards.  In the 80s, we were gaining new information about dental materials, lab procedures and learning greater efficiency in the delivery of services.  My father was a wonderful dentist who loved his patients, always gave his fullest efforts and made certain his treatment was excellent in every regard.  I was very blessed to work with him as his partner until he retired in 1987.

In 1988, dangerously high levels of mercury were discovered through my medical tests.  Helping around my father’s office as a child and young woman, I may have been exposed to mercury.  I had never had a cavity so I didn’t sport any silver fillings.  Research and networking with other health care providers and patients affected by high levels of mercury lead me to understand the removal and placement of amalgam restorations may provide enough exposure to warrant compromising some patient’s health.  Fortunately, the development of wonderful composite (white filling) materials made available the option to cease placing mercury containing fillings in my patients.  This provided additional safeguards for all of us:  patients, staff and me.

My own journey of health sparked a passion to know more about wellness; not just dental, but whole body.  From my father’s influence that sparked my love for clinical dentistry to my personal passion for health and wholeness, is born my contemporary mission and philosophy of practice.

My staff and I recognize the individuality of each patient ranging from their past dental experiences to healthcare preferences.  We strive to respect each patient understanding that their body is unique to them.  What one patient may be sensitive to, may not affect the next because materials and the environment affect people differently.  So, my staff and I do the best we can to make each patient feel comfortable and “at home” in our office.  Our standards reach far beyond “acceptable”.  And, with these priorities, my staff and I are proud of the dentistry we provide to patients helping them achieve a beautiful, healthy smile that they can enjoy for years to come.

Roberta D. Cann, DMD, AIAOMT