Frequently Asked Questions

picture of pink flowers1.  I have silver fillings that were placed years ago.  Do they contain mercury?

Yes. Silver fillings are also called “metal fillings” or “amalgam fillings”.  All silver fillings contain 50% mercury which binds the other 50% alloy of silver, copper, tin and zinc.

2.  Is Dr. Cann a “Biologic Dentist”?

“Biologic Dentist” is a recent term coined to distinguish dentists who support their patients’ interests and requests in discovering which restorative dental materials test to be more biologically compatible for the patient’s unique physical circumstances.  It is not a term recognized in dental schools or used to suggest a level of qualification, specialty or limited scope of practice. Dr. Cann follows IAOMT protocols and communicates closely with patients’ doctors to discover which materials are preferred by their physicians, chiropractors and/or other healthcare providers.

3.  My lifestyle is characterized by living and eating healthfully.  How does Dr. Cann’s practice support my lifestyle choice?

Due to our interest in dental materials and healthful living, Dr. Cann leads her team to investigate and research the strength and biocompatibility of dental materials.  Our educational interests in overall well-being are broad which enables us to stay abreast of health news outside of that which is found in traditional dental journals and continuing education.  For instance, Dr. Cann’s findings lead her to be among the earliest dentists in Atlanta to offer alternatives to amalgam fillings and to cease placing mercury-containing fillings in 1985. Currently, we are excited about the sweetener xylitol’s decay reducing properties.  Other benefits of xylitol include its support of normal blood sugar levels which greatly benefits patients with diabetes.  Furthermore, unlike sugar, it supports normal gut flora by not contributing to yeast growth.

We comply with all standards mandated by the Georgia Board of Dentistry but believe we surpass these standards spurred by our interest in total body wellness and patient service.  Office features such as our water delivery system and air filtration units offer the patient a level of service found beyond required standards.  We are proud of the fact that all of our patients, even those whose priorities are not centered on wellness, benefit from our practice style.  While respecting all patients’ health care and lifestyle choices, we encourage patients’ attention to oral health and the manner in which oral health influences whole body health.

4.  Do you see children?

Yes.  In fact, we greatly enjoy our children patients.  Influencing a child to develop a lifetime of healthy oral habits is a rewarding aspect of practicing dentistry.  Many dental problems of yesteryear can be prevented or more easily remedied by regularly scheduled preventive care visits beginning as a toddler.  If after examining the child we discover that complex care is indicated, we refer to a colleague specializing in Pediatric Dentistry whose further years of specialty training and experience manage little ones with decay involving multiple teeth.

5.  Do you accept dental insurance?

Yes, we will file your insurance for you and, if you prefer, we can direct the payment to our office.  By doing so, the patient’s out of pocket expense is limited to those fees not covered by the reimbursement.  For example, if the fee is $100 and the insurance reimbursement is expected to be $80, the patient pays $20 at the time of their visit.  Should the reimbursement return less than anticipated, a statement is issued from our office and payment is expected within 10 days.  Should the insurance company reimburse more than we anticipated, a reimbursement check is promptly issued to the patient.  Our office does participate in PPO plans as an out of network provider.  However, patients frequently comment on the relatively small amount of difference they are required to pay for the freedom to select Dr. Cann as their dentist.