Your Healthy and Beautiful Smile

picture of female patient reading a magazine in dentist waiting roomOne of the great pleasures of practicing dentistry is giving a patient the smile of their dreams.  A fabulous smile confidently communicates expression and feeling that words alone can not disclose.  When a patient is considering making changes to their smile, it’s important that the Dentist understand the patients vision for the future and what they want to “feel” as an end-result when they see the overall affect of their smile.

A smile is a personality.  It’s a unique design that can reflect a patient’s desired image.  After all, where would Lauren Bacall be without the space between her teeth?  Did you know that Tom Cruise is missing a cuspid and a posterior tooth was moved forward to close the space?  And, Julia Roberts?  That ear to ear dynamic grin did not happen by accident.  Instead, each personality shared their dream with their dental healthcare provider to sculpt and provide their winning smile.

The options for creating a dream smile are multiple.  They range in time and price.  Many people are aware of the “quick” extreme makeovers featured on popular television shows.  These prime time events are wonderful for showing the dramatic changes available with today’s technology.  But, you don’t have to pack up for a bigger city to gain these results.

Prior to committing to cosmetic dental treatment procedures, explore your options!  Bring in magazine pictures of smiles that you find inviting.  Then, holding a mirror, answer these questions with your dentist:

  • Do you like the color of your teeth?  Are there certain teeth whose color, in particular, concerns you?
  • Do your gums look and feel healthy?
  • Have you noticed any spaces between your teeth, chipped or uneven edges, crowding or overlap, notching at the gum line, overly long or short looking teeth?

Before you make life-changing alterations to your appearance, you owe it to yourself to ask about longevity of the changes and how the changes will affect the biting forces in the mouth.  Just as you would not build a second floor onto a house with insufficient footings, the overall strength of the chewing and biting forces must be considered against the strong, but delicate porcelains and composite materials.  Discuss the colors, line angles, shapes, thickness, translucency and occlusion (how the teeth meet) with your dentist.

The dentist’s keen eye and artistic touch are essential for a dynamic result.  Tooth shape and color are custom designed to fit your face, smile, gender and personality.  Do you know that the term “sexy laterals” are used to describe patients who prefer the barest overlap of their lateral and central incisors?  Yet, other patients want the straightest most perfect row of teeth.  Which is right for you?  Partner with your Dentist and enjoy the benefits of your perfect smile.