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Welcome to Cann Dentistry, the private general dental practice of Roberta D. Cann, DMD located in Buckhead, the heart of Atlanta, Georgia's business community.
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Meet the Cann Dentistry staff who consider your comfort top priority

SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) Certified
SMART is a set of safety measures to reduce mercury exposures during dental amalgam filling removal. These safety measures were developed as a result of scientific research collected by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). Cann Dentistry has followed IAOMT protocol for over 20 years. Please find the SMART Checklist for Patients and Dentists, an extensive description of the safety precautions our doctors use every time our dental treatment involves mercury or any other pre-existing metals of unknown biocompatibility.
Dental Ozone Treatment
Now offering Dental Ozone treatment, the latest in minimally invasive dentistry (actually non-invasive) and a safe, effective aid in treatment of oral infections. Read more about Dental Ozone here.
Cann Dentistry is committed to providing our patients with general dental services designed to meet their oral health needs and healthcare goals.  We serve patients of all ages from little ones enjoying their first dental visit to those in elder care.  Patients are attracted to Cann Dentistry for many varying reasons which can include:

Commitment to Your Comfort

Your comfort and relaxation is our priority.  We do our best to make each visit pleasant and comfortable. In addition to improved techniques and materials to support patient comfort, we provide ample appointment time, working collaboratively with the patient, listening and respecting individual preferences. Dr. Cann’s years of clinical expertise have allowed her to discover the easiest method of delivering treatment, resulting in pleasant, gentle dental visits and a healthy, successful smile.  

Catering to Your Requests

Dr. Cann and her staff meet many new patients whose childhood memories of going the dentist are far from ideal. From their former experiences, many patients suffer anxiety prior to and during dental visits.  Dr. Cann and her staff are sensitive to their patients’ fears and, from the onset of the patient’s first call to the office strive diligently to make “going to the dentist” a positive and relaxing experience.  Do you suffer from dental anxiety?  Give Tricia, our front office administrator, a call and join a dental office that considers your comfort a high priority.

Physicians (MDs) specializing in the areas of environmental medicine often guide their patients to prefer, request or avoid certain materials in their quest for healthful living, including some ingredients in dental restorations.   An example is the highly publicized debate about mercury, a component found in dental amalgam (silver fillings).  From their research, patients prefer for a biological dentist to provide the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)'s extensive protocol of precautions for ensuring safety from the neurotoxic effects of exposure to mercury.  As an interesting note, Cann Dentistry ceased using amalgam as a filling choice as early as 1987 when preliminary research revealed concerns pertaining to the health risks of mercury, and composite choices were superior in their restorative properties.  Cann Dentistry respects your individual preferences and will provide material choices for your evaluation that are designed to meet your health goals while satisfying the dental standard for care.  Having a personal interest in how elements and compounds impact the health of patients, Dr. Cann enjoys her studies with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology which has, for her, become a vital source for providing what many refer to as “biocompatible dentistry.”

Superb, Functional Quality

The life-span of a dental restoration (crown, filling, etc…) greatly depends on the precision of the tooth preparation and quality of the restorative materials.  Gaining the longest life from a dental restoration is also not only the healthiest option for your mouth, but the most financially intelligent option.  A clinical perfectionist, Dr. Cann enjoys providing technical treatment where the shape of the restorations, color match and manner in which the teeth fit together is of the highest standard.

Please enjoy your time exploring our website. Your questions are welcomed and we appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you and your family.  When you desire to reserve your appointment, Tricia, our administrator is happy to assist you:  (404) 233-1102.